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The BMSA Anchoring Surepile tie down is a fully engineered, fast and effective method of securing portable buildings, shipping containers and relocatable buildings against uplift forces in cyclonic conditions.

The simple installation method is quick and effective with minimal ground disruption. If installed according to supplied instructions it is a fully engineered and certified solution.  They provide instantaneous holding capacity.

The SurePile Tiedown Installation Procedure


Original anchor design is based upon installation into cohesive soils with a minimum allowable bearing capacity of 100kpa. Installation into fill or sandy soils may yield a lower capacity.

Test Pile

Load test piles to 1000kg / 10kN, and hold for 1 minute. This can be achieved by using the PT45 Proof tester which will give immediate loads. As per the photo below, the chain needs to be pulled at a 10 degree angle. Record the load. If load is not achieved, contact BMSA for further instructions. Extra piles may need to be added. For large sites a representative sample may be adequate. Please discuss with BMSA.

PT 45 proof tester to attain instant loads.

Step 1

Set SurePile guide 200mm from building footprint – ensure the pile guide is level in both directions – This will ensure pile driven to 25 deg angle. This is the desired engineering angle for the pile to be driven into the ground.

Step 2

Insert SurePile into the SurePile guide with cleat on the pile facing the building.

Step 3

Drive the SurePile into soil by means of either petrol, hydraulic or electric machine driven percussion hammers. Drive the SurePile to approx. 500mm above ground level.

Step 4

Remove the SurePile guide by sliding it upwards over the pile end.

Step 5

Attach the chain to the building by means of the Bow shackle and then with the other bow shackle to the cleat on the SurePile. Leave enough slack in the chain to allow the SurePile to be driven below ground level which will in turn tighten and tension the chain. Do not have excessive slack in chain.

Step 6

The chain needs to be taught. By driving the SurePile to below ground level, a trip hazard is negated.

Step 7

If full depth is not attained due to hitting rock/tree roots, cut off the pile just above ground level, drill a 12mm hole through the SurePile and attach the chain to the side of the SurePile using a 12mm bolt and washer. Attempt to drive the SurePile deeper into the ground and embed into rock.

Step 8

To remove pile after use, undo chain on the building and pull out using a bobcat/ high lift jack pulling in the same direction as the SurePile went in.

Step 9

A pile report is to be submitted with every installation to the Engineer/BMSA to get the Form 16 / As built certification.

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